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At 24 Media Labs we understand that academic budgets and timescales can sometimes be tight. We can help. Our aim is to provide you with the communication services and advice you require at a price you can afford.

If you would like to discuss your project with us, please contact us here. We guarantee confidentiality.

Academic Writing and Editing

For academic writing and editing we typically charge €65 per hour*. We always try to provide an accurate assessment of the total budget required for a particular project. We can also work on a per word rate for writing and editing if you feel more comfortable with this. You will then know before we start work the final budget required for a project.

Rates vary and will depend very much on the information provided before commencing work and the style, purpose and aims of your project. To give you an idea of the typical costs of different projects here are some examples:

  • Proof-reading a 7000 word manuscript prior to submission for peer-review: €195 (e.g. 3 hours work)
  • Light editing of a 7000 word manuscript prior to submission for peer-review: €390 (e.g. 6 hours work)
  • Writing a complete 7000 word manuscript ready for submission to peer review: €3000 to €4500 (e.g. 45-70 hours work)

Communication Strategy and Development

We charge €65 per hour*. Find out more about how we can help here.

News Package Development

If you require us to develop a news package for submission to the Alternative Science News Service, we charge a flat fee of €250*. This assumes that you supply all required materials to us. Please see here for more information

You can of course develop your news package yourself and submit it directly to the service.

Costs of submission to the Alternative Science News Service

Nothing, it's free!

Costs of downloading news packages from the Alternative Science News Service


*All prices are exclusive of VAT.


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Prices and Rates

See our prices for 2011 and get a customised quote for our services.

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The Alternative Science News Service is designed to give journalists and writers a richer ecosystem to source science related stories from.

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Helping Scientists promote Science

Find out how we can help you promote your science through the development of news packages and our science news services.

Academic Writing and Editing

Academic Writing and EditingAcademic publishing is a vital process in Science. 24 Media Labs offers writing and editing services for scientists in a wide number of fields.


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